🧠Project Details

What is Sonzai?

  • Sonzai is a creative studio where quality art meets deep lore. We already have our goated artist and writer and we plan to onboard a few more artists / writers / editors. We will be offering our services to projects that plans to launch in different chains (ETH / SOL / APT) where we'll be doing their art and lore.

  • We believe that story telling NFTs are undervalued in the space and aside from the different technologies and utilities a project offers, we think a good art and lore is what sets a project apart from the others.

  • Funds generated from the mint will be used to scale up the creative studio. We will hire more artists and writers so we can cater more clients simultaneously.

  • A percentage of the revenue from the creative studio will be used to reward our holders. We also plan to take a few WL spots from our clients to distribute to our holders.

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