Staking and Airdrops

  • Release staking for $ZAI

  • Airdrop for Citizens (Holders)

  • Redeemable IRL rewards using $ZAI

  • 1/1 auctions using $ZAI

  • Collection expansion

Sonzai Studio

  • Onboard more artists, writers and editors to Sonzai

  • Provide our services to other projects in different chains (ETH / SOL / APT)

  • A percentage of the profits generated from the creative studio will be shared to holders in different ways and some will be used to expand the creative studio further

Sonzai Webtoon Release

  • Start writing the story of Sonzai to be released as a Webtoon

  • Release weekly webtoon chapters of Sonzai

  • Have you always wanted to be the lead / villain in the story? Our most valuable holders will get chance to have their own Sonzai NFT character come to life in the Sonzai Saga.

Project Collabs

  • Do collabs with other NFT projects to create a special webtoon chapter for them

  • Do collabs with manga / webtoon artists to onboard them and their fan base in web3

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